Sparks and Tunes…

I took off my door panels just recently and I was looking at my speakers and thinking…..Wow thats some old speakers!  No there not original they’re more like $30 walmart speakers from 20 years ago coupled with an old Radio/Cassette player.

As I put the speakers back in place with no panel i was getting no sound at all!  Hmmm….I unscrewed the speakers and as I did I was getting sparks on where the bracket touched the metal!  Not good….. So I know for sure I need to replace the speakers and the radio, I just got to see what are the best speakers to fit in that space that can carry a full clean sound in all ranges.  I have a pretty good knowledge of what I want…It’s once again it comes to the all recurring question……How wild/custom do you want to go?  I won’t go to wild by all means but I want to make sure I leave the option open for a subwoofer.  Will I go that far?  I dont know but I do want to make sure I have a good clean sound.

As far a Radio/CD Player….I am currently looking at a Blaupunkt Key West MP38.  It is priced cheap and has a clean front operational face that is what I have in mind.  Not to mention it has 4,096 colors to choose from on the display…..pretty nifty.   As far as speakers I need to do some more research….More than likely I’ll go for the JL Audio TR series or something with Pioneer or Infinity.  As mentioned I need to do some more research.

Ahhhh….slowly but surely its all coming together!


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