Interior removal began….

Phase 1….

Remove Console and Door panels…..

I took out the console of the Cutlass and I saw something I have been kinda curious to see….What in the world has fell into the console over the past 37 years and has never been fished out after all these years?  Well I found some interesting stuff…..a receipt from 9 years ago (milk was much cheaper!), a stamp of 33 cents, old gum wrappers, and various trash.  It was like a new little treasure.  What can you find?

All I really need to do now is pull out the seats and then I will be ready to lay down the under lay and the carpet.  I have chose to go with the newer carpet as opposed to the “old original” style carpet.  It will add a new comfortable feel and will maintain much better.

As I removed the door panels I know that ordering brand new ones will be a a smart investment as well as some good quality speakers.  I also need to figure out my cd player issue….as in i need one…..BUT thats down the road for sure……

As I am pulling the car apart all I see is all of these great ideas in my mind and I just ask myself….Do i want to take that leap?  Do I want to go the extra mile at________?  Do i want to customize_______?  It can go as wild or as mild and still pay the same amount of money………

Its all about the vision in your head!


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