First Car show….

Here’s a website for ya. Local Car Shows. This site displays tons of upcoming car shows/swap meets/cycle shows and etc.  Well, My father-in-law and I took the cutlass up to a car show with 100% intention of hanging out and looking at all the cars and with about 75% intention of entering my car.  When we showed up there were quite a bit of cars already there and set up all nice and all.  I thought what the heck….i’ll toss my hat in the ring and see if I can win something.  I looked at the classes and looked at the cars at the same time to see where my best chances are in winning or at least placing.  Well one category looked like I had the best chances of placing…”GM Custom”…(Since I had aftermarket wheels it qualified for custom and no longer stock) So I took my car and my #43 and found a nice spot on the grass right next to some very nice Chevelle’s to call home for the afternoon.

After settling in we took the rest of the afternoon in admiring some nice cars and also scoping out the competition as well.  Looking around we never saw a ton of cars in my class but nevertheless we had some competition.

In one class there was some serious action happening in the Mustang/Pony class for sure.  There were 19 or so cars in that class alone!  Street rod….about the same i would say.  Pre-1971 truck stock…..1…..yep one nice stock truck for sure and of course it placed 1st, Obviously.

Trophy time…..

The announcer called out the GM stock class first and a Superchief claimed first prize in that category (very very well done car for sure.  Showroom quality.  Now time for GM Custom….drumroll….Runner up- Justin Edge!   The crowd stood up and went nuts!  No actually they all just clapped.

So yep, I claimed my first trophy!  Pretty awesome experience, i also just look at the overall scope of things and just think ohhh this car has so much more potential and it will be looking so much better!  So this just basically proves to me that this car is in a good starting position for making it what I plan it to look like.

So thats it.  I look forward to the next car show I can attend and bring along the family and making it a fun family deal!  Man this car is going to be a start to some fun family memories!  Thx Dad and Mom


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