going custom…..

Okay I know you may be tired of Wheels and Tires but that’s the focus on my project right now.

The wheels and tires came in!

I showed up to my tire shop and Terry said “You wanna see them?”  Of course I do!  Well when he opened the boxes I saw some nice chrome wheels!  BUT…………..they were not the right ones, well… they were but they weren’t.

I’ll explain.  Every picture I have seen of the Torq Thrust Type-M wheels were a deep dish style….Look here….But when i saw them in person here’s what they looked like…NOT a deep dish…And Below here is what it looked like on the car.  Not quite the look at all!

So I talked to Terry and he said more or less now you have to go Custom to get the deep look with a good offset to secure the deep look your wanting to achieve.  Well I sent the wheels back but kept the tires.  (Tires were awesome looking and HUGE! )

So what do I do?  Where do I go?  I dont want to spend thousands of dollars on Wheels!  I found a place who can make some Custom wheels for me and they are relatively inexpensive.  I talked with Bo at Fast toys for Boys here in Edmond and he hooked me up with a custom shop in Utah.  So monday I will be ordering some C-5’s from Coys Custom Wheels!  Here’s what they look like.

I am excited about whats to come and I know without a doubt that these will be the ones!


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