Small change…

Well I decided to make a change in plans for the Cutlass.  I decided to change out my rims.  I started looking around at cars and trucks that had the black rim with the chrome lip and they all look good but it seemed that after looking longer I noticed that the cars (pro touring and such) I like and the styles that they all had were the full chrome rim.  I still love the black look but growing up i always wanted to see the cutlass in chrome.  So I went to W&W tire here in Edmond, and asked for some prices on the Torq-Thrust Type M Chrome Rim….. After hitting a bump (a salesman with no knowledge of his product)  we hung up with him, did some research, and called back with a part number.  The NEW salesman found the rim immediately!  I got the price for a set of 4, and I said “send’em”.

*Brief Pause*….”I LOVE LOCAL SHOPS”…….the ones with dirty floors, wore out couches, old magazines, tires all over the showroom floor, old outdated posters, everyone is kin to each other somehow, the phones are dirty, the soda machine with shop stickers all over it, vending machine that’s missing half it’s product and is filled with stuff that you dont see anymore, customers walk all through the car bays, and every person working there will ask you 5 times if they can help you with anything……….ahhh good stuff.  I’ll take that over shiny showroom floors anyday!

*Brief Flashback*    Looking online at Black Torq Thrust v.s Chrome ones the price has always and I mean EVERY site has shown that the chrome is $75, $100, $150 MORE than the Black’s!  So that was another deterant for me not to get chrome.

*back to the story at hand*  Well whenever I got the price for the chrome they ended up being CHEAPER by $15 bucks per wheel!  Doesn’t make sense but that God is just providing a blessing for me and my family.  Thats all there is to it.  Being smart, taking my time, doing research has paid off!  Even the tires I got ended up being cheaper significantly!

I was at Sears buying some goodies and after I bought my stuff I went to the tire section to just look at styles and ratios.  Well a tire caught my Eye.  Sumitomo HTR+.  The lady priced me $200 a piece for the rear and $175 for the front’s.  Well thats about $850 with tax and all just for wheels!  Well W&W priced me roughly $400 for ALL 4 new tires…..

Well here’s the new rim that is heading this way right now from Houston and will be here in a couple of days!

Oh man……….good stuff.


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