Wheels and tires….

As I am figuring out stance, tires, springs, and wheels I have come across some varying opinions.  Some businesses will tell me a certain tire/wheel combo will not fit and others are saying it will fit.  I am currently working on Offset, wheels and tire height, lowering the car or not and also overall tire circumference.  Each of these are very important to take into consideration when figuring out overall stance.

After lots of looks and changes I think i found the stance and wheels I want to go with…..

I am going to lower the car 1 1/2 to 2 inches by using the Eibach Pro-Kit.  The wheels I have decided to go with are the Torq Thrust MB’s.  The M is the style of Torq thrust and the B stands for Black.  If you really look there are tons of Torq thrust variations, which is understandable since they were the rim that started it all back in the 70’s.

Currently I have 225/70/14’s and will be stepping up to 17″ rims.  Something along the lines of 225/45/17 in the front and 255+/40/17’s in the rear.  The tires that I really like and it is already on the Mazda6 are Nexen N3000 tires.  I believe I’ll have the clearance all around to fit these tire without having to roll the fenders or do any big suspension changes.  Today I will be going to my tire guy to work on all these things….so we’ll see how it goes!


1 Response to “Wheels and tires….”

  1. 1 amy
    July 15, 2008 at 2:04 pm

    i guess i am old fashioned but i would have kept it as original as possible.

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